Wix Website Template

What is this?
This is a Wix website template that you can easily edit and update with your own content, images and text. Easily edit this website to suite your own business and needs.


Add-ons (Optional)
Add-on items are optional, you do not have to purchase any add-ons (just the website only) if you wish. The add-ons are great for those who want some extra help. Each item listed below counts as 1 (one) add-on. You can also purchase add-on items at a later time if you want to try and edit the website on your own first.

• Logo files (JPEG + PNG)
• Add my logo to my site
• Connect my domain
• Add my about photo
• Change website fonts
• Change website colours
• Add my email to my contact form
• Add my location to the map
• Custom map
• Link my social icons to my social websites

1. Sign up for a Wix account
2. Add your email associated with your Wix account in the personalization box
3. Purchase this listing
4. The website gets transferred from my Wix account to yours
5. Accept the website transfer and edit away!

• Wix offers a full online drag-and-drop editor. Easily edit all text (except the logo), galleries, pages, photos, links, menu and more!
• Wix does cost, please check www.wix.com for current Wix rates. Wix fees are *not* included in this purchase
• You are responsible for editing your site
• Your domain will *not* automatically connect, even if you already have a domain in Wix (you can still use your domain and use your premium if you have it already, though!) You just need to *manually* connect it or add it to your purchase as an add-on and have me do it!

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