Wix Website Frequently Asked Questions

It's pretty simple! How this works is:

1. Order template
2. I will make a copy of the website template you purchased
3. I then will transfer the site into your account using the email associated with your Wix account
4. You can then accept the transfer (Wix sends you an email)
5. Once it's in your account, you can edit it!

Yes! Wix is super easy to learn and use. No tech skills are required to use Wix.

Yes, Wix does cost per month. I recommend using the Combo plan for regular websites and the Business Basic plan for e-Commerce shops. To check out more details on Wix pricing, you can check it out here.

Yes, I do! The cost is $50 USD per page to setup + the cost of the template $97 USD.

Website setup includes:
✓ Adding all content
✓ Adding all photos
✓ Updating galleries
✓ Setting up your menu
✓ Adding your text
✓ Linking links
✓ Adding your email to contact forms
✓ Setting up your website
✓ Connecting your domain (Wix fees are not included, all Wix fees are paid by customer)

Website setup does not include:
✗ Wix fees
✗ Customization
✗ Custom design
✗ Color change
✗ Design change

The new Wix website you purchase will be transferred into your Wix account and will arrive as a brand new website.

If you already have a Wix premium, you will have to re-assign the premium to your new site. I offer this service if you wanted to hire me to do it, I will be glad to help!

The new Wix website cannot mergeor automatically be combined with your current Wix site.

Yes! I can definitely do that for you. The cost is $50 USD per page + the cost of the template.

So lets say you have 6 pages, the cost would be 6 x $50 USD + the template $97 USD.

Turn around time is about 3-5 business days. Please note I do not work weekends or Holidays.

Definitely! I love helping and can definitely help edit your site for you for additional charges.

I surely do! And would love to help. Here is a link for more information: Custom Wix Website

For sure! Most of my templates have been designed with Photographers in mind with galleries, pricing pages etc but you can most definitely edit the entire website to suit your own business, whatever it is you do!

All text, images, photos, galleries, menus, pages etc it's all editable with the Wix editor.

Yes, absolutely! You will not have to upgrade or purchase another premium with Wix. You will have to re-assign the premium to the new site but you can most definitely keep the one you have.

I offer this service if you wanted to hire me to do it, I will be glad to help!