Commercial License

Commercial License

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This commercial license is good for ANY single (1) graphic pack in my shop for unlimited pieces (digital or physical) for SMALL business owners such as Etsy shops.

This this license you may:

- Use in your Etsy shop to sell flattened digital end products or physical products
- Use without giving credit

This commercial license does not endorse large commercial purchases or allow my art to be sold in stores nationwide (such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby etc). You must inquire for special licensing for this kind of use.

This license must be purchased with each (single) graphic pack you intend to use to sell in your Etsy shop. If you need multiple packs with commercial licenses, feel free to reach out!

With this license you may not:

- Claim as your own work
- Share or giveaway clipart as freebies
- Resell as clipart

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!