Wix Website Template


This is an easy to edit, fully editable Wix website template built on the Wix platform.

The add-ons are totally optional, you can choose to add these on as add-on services or choose to do the website entirely on your own with the 'Website Only' option.

Add-On Items
• Add my logo to my site
• Connect my domain
• Link my current Wix premium to the new Wix website
• Change website fonts
• Change website colours
• Add my email to my contact form
• Add my location to the map
• Custom state/province map
• Link my social icons to my social websites
• Change blog layout

How it works
1. Sign up for a Wix account
2. Purchase this listing
3. The website gets transferred from my Wix account to yours
4. Accept the website transfer and edit away!

Wix has fees, please visit Wix.com to check out their monthly fees. All Wix fees are separate & are *not* included in your website purchase. The purchase from our shop is *just* for the template design.

** All editing is done by customers **

What you can edit
- The entire website is editable *except the logo text*
- the menu
- add/remove/hide pages
- add photos
- change fonts
- change buttons, links & much much more!

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